Decentralized Secure Fog Computing inCloud-Fog-IoT Infrastructure Using Blockchain

Show simple item record Kumar Mohanta, Bhabendu Jena, Debasish S Panda, Soumyashree Gountia, Debasis 2021-09-14T16:24:06Z 2021-09-14T16:24:06Z 2019-03-10
dc.description.abstract Fog computing is decentralized scalable architecturewhere the fog nodes can join and leave the network arbitraryway. The IoT devices connected to the fog network can alsohave the connectivity issue. As all the fog nodes and IoT devicesare connected in a distributed way it is hard to build a secureinfrastructure in the absence of a trusted central server. First,as there is no trusted leader present in the fog architecture, it isimpossible to maintain network stability, services and operationsin the presences of malicious fog nodes. Secondly, existing securityprotocols are inefficient in low-end fog computing and IoTdevices. Thirdly, how to check the correctness of the computationresults obtained from multiple fog nodes in a distributed environ-ment as all fog nodes are not trusted. Security and privacy of thefog computing are explained in this paper. The paper proposedBlockchain technology derived from bitcoin cryptocurrency canbe used to provides a distributed secure infrastructure betweenfog node and IoT devices for secure communication. Blockchaincan be used to store the log file as a transaction in an openledger by recording all the transaction between Cloud, Fog andIoT devices. The recorded block can also be used to a validatedtransaction so malicious fog nodes can be identified by the honestfog node. Lastly, we have shown that blockchain technology canalso be used for authentication of the fog nodes and IoT devicesusing permissioned architecture. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher ETIC conference en_US
dc.subject Fog Computing en_US
dc.subject Consensus Algorithm en_US
dc.subject puting; Blockchain; Se-curity; en_US
dc.title Decentralized Secure Fog Computing inCloud-Fog-IoT Infrastructure Using Blockchain en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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